With over 20 years of continuing successful bookkeeping
and accounting experience, Noni Rathbun will work closely
with you to manage every aspect of your accounting needs.
 Noni has held accounting and bookkeeping positions for
several major organizations, including Corporate
Resources, Inc., Rural Alaska Community Action Program,
Inc., and the Older Persons Action Group, Inc.  Most
recently, she retained the position of Finance Director for
Youth for Christ in Anchorage, Alaska.

Noni is currently working for privately owned and non-profit
organizations, from the large corporation to the small
Our Mission
To offer clients with the
peace of mind that comes
with well organized books
at a time and cost savings
to them.
Specific Ways that Son Services Can Benefit Your Company:
For more
please call:
  • Establish and maintain a working set of books
  • Set up Chart of Accounts, Balance Sheets, and Profit &
    Loss Statements
  • Work with you to develop the best bookkeeping strategy
    for your company, no matter how large or small
  • Proficient in organizing and sorting out records for tax
  • Enable you to maintain your own books or continue to
    have Son Services work for you
  • Available to answer your questions anytime
  • Save you time and money!

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